Weiss & Quietlife's Manor

"You Got: Weiss Schnee"

"Quietlife is mine."

me: *runs by winter* winter schnee: huh?! quietlife no! me: *catches weiss while falling* weiss schnee: quietlife...? me: if they going to sit here and make you do this dumb shit we'll do it together II>_> weiss schnee: quietlife... *holds on tight* me: *falls while holding weiss*

"Nobody will stop you from achieving what you set your mind to.You are always striving to achieve your goals and you will.You will occasionally spend a lot of time by yourself trying to reach your lofty goals but don't worry you'll be the one who's happy once you achieve success.You aren't quick to trust other's and you're somewhat confident in your intelligence."

IQ of 210